A Diamond is a woman’s best friend and a diamond ring speaks a thousand words

Diamond is one of the most precious and hardest stones available and is quite expensive in general.  Diamond studded rings are quite popular among both men and women specially if they are about to tie their wedding knot. Nowadays Diamond ring has become a popular symbol of being bethroted or engaged.

Why is the diamond the only choice of an engagement ring?
Well, the tradition of this fairy tale began four hundred years ago when Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed his lady love Mary of Burgundy to be his life partner with a diamond engagement ring. It is believed all across the world that the vein of the ring finger is attached to the partner’s heart and hence this custom really makes sense. So next time if any men want to propose his love for an eternal bond gift her a diamond ring as diamonds are women’s best friend.

Evolution of the status of Diamond :
Gone are the days when these rings had a particular status symbol and were limited to a certain mass of the society as it was not affordable for all due to less mining and availability. In fact, the diamond on the rings used to depict more vanity and less love. But nowadays diamonds are easily available with different price range which makes it affordable for all. Though there is various other precious stone available but traditions are stubborn and diamond due to its durability have still maintained its position as the choice for the engagement ring for a durable bond.

Types of Diamond and types of cut:
Diamonds that are available in the market comes in two variety solitaire and cut diamond. In a solitaire ring only a single diamond is studded on the top with base metal like gold and platinum and in cut diamond variety many diamonds are designed together to form a beautiful ring. Diamonds are available in wide range of cuts such as round, rectangular, square and Marquise shape.

Selecting the pure and best diamond:
One must be aware of the 4 Cs like Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat while purchasing the diamond. The customer must check out for a GSI certification.

A diamond wedding ring can cost a bomb but due to the sufficient availability of different kinds of diamond and the discount offered by various jewelry retailers can cut down the cost of the piece.  Diamonds have always played a pivotal role in the wedding culture of different nations including India and hence gifting your soulmate a diamond wedding ring on that special day can make the moment precious to cherish for a lifetime.

Dazzling diamond rings commence the wedding ceremony

The diamonds are the precious stones that make an event auspicious. It curves the path of love and eternity for the person who wears and if it’s a wedding ring, it engages the vow & promise and a feeling of attachment that makes it more significant.

Typically, it’s a western culture where the bride and groom use to exchange rings with each other and thus, take a vow to stay together forever. The wedding rings are of many kinds, but the majority of people like to wear diamond rings in their wedding. The culture has now come up to India too, as many people have now started to celebrate engagement ceremonies.

There was a notion that diamond wedding rings are expensive and due to this misconception, many people don’t opt out these rings. But that was a truth a decade ago. Nowadays, diamond rings are available in different price ranges which have made the not-so-affluent people approach them too.

Indian weddings are gorgeous and include a lot of rituals to be maintained. Each state has its own rituals, but all of them are, to some extent, the same. The engagement of the bride and the groom means a lot to them and to their family and the key thing of this ceremony is the ring.

Diamond rings can be of two types. The solitaire diamond ring and the cut diamond rings. The solitaire diamond rings have a solo diamond at the top of the ring and the cut diamond rings have many diamonds that together make a beautiful design. The base metal is generally of gold, silver or platinum so that they can hold the diamonds perfectly.

Before you opt out a perfect diamond ring for your wedding or engagement, you better make a list of factors for which you will look in your rings:–

The Cutting of the Diamond

Diamonds have varieties of cuts which makes the designs awesome. While choosing the ring, it’s better to evaluate the cuts whether it suits the hands or not.

Some solitaire diamond cut styles which are popular in a ring are given below–

Emerald-Cut Solitaire, Round Solitaire, Square Solitaire, Princess Solitaire, Oval Solitaire, Marquise Solitaire and Heart Solitaire.

The Style of The Diamond

In the diamond rings, the diamonds are majorly placed in the centre and that’s why they look bright and sparkly. Diamonds come in different shapes, sizes and even colours. If you’re purchasing diamonds for wedding purpose, do ask your partner which one suits the best on him or her.

Apart from the features mentioned above, clarity is the other factor that truly impacts your ring! Clarity in diamonds can be measured i.e.  FL, IF means the diamond is flawless. VVS1, VVS2 means very, very slight flaw is included. VS1, VS2 means very slight flaw is included. SI1, SI2 means slight flaw is included. I1, I2, I3 means flaw is included.

The Metal

Holding the diamond is the most important thing as it completes the look of the ring! The base metal is typically among gold, silver and platinum as the diamond doesn’t get wasted and there’s no chance of rust to spoil its beauty. Another thing is these metals are precious and goes perfectly with diamonds as they are sparkly too.

The 4C’s

You should be very choosy about the four C’s, i.e. the Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat while selecting a diamond wedding ring because they impact the ring a lot! You should check the certification of the diamond which is an “official stamp of approval” from a third-party gemmology lab which approves the quality of a diamond as it is claimed.


The price of the diamond is the most significant thing that a purchaser should think of. There’s no doubt that a diamond ring is usually expensive, but you can cut the cost if you purchase something that comes under any discount or scheme or offer. Moreover, there are numerous types of diamonds available, especially if it is a cut diamond, i.e. a diamond cut loose from a solo diamond, then it will cost much cheaper than the solitaire.

These are the major factors that should impact your purchase of diamond rings for the wedding ceremony. So, if your wedding bells are ringing or if you are about to celebrate your anniversary with your loved one, you should check out these features. Also, if you want to gift the rings, you can choose the rings on the basis of your partner’s choice.

Indian weddings are fabulous and full of customs. It is believed that in India, marriage is not only the bonding between the bride and the groom, but between the two families who will stay together tied in the knot of love and passion. Thus, the diamond wedding rings tie them beautifully in the knot of love, respect, care and eternal bliss.