An insight into the factors that upheld the popularity of diamond jewelry shops in Durgapur

Diamond is one of the most coveted and ever-green gemstones of all time and is considered as a woman’s best friend. With the ever-increasing demand for diamond jewelry, there is always prevails a cold competition among the jewelry brands to feature the latest diamond jewelry in their collection.

Durgapur, being a prospective city of cultural and economic importance is densely populated with inhabitants from neighboring regions and naturally, there is huge cross-cultural influence noticed in the lifestyle and fashion among the local inhabitants.

Though a large part of the population comprises of the Bengalis who are known as the greatest admirer of gold ornaments, the influence of globalization and the cross-cultural effect has imported the trend and preference of diamond jewelry among the inhabitants of Durgapur. Now diamond studded finger rings and pendants are the new love of the new generation.

The renowned jewelry stores in Durgapur are known to showcase the latest model of diamond ornaments keeping in mind the popularity and styling factor of the gem in international fashion and jewelry trend. Some of the best diamond jewelry shops in the city sell authentic diamond ornaments and jewelry crafted in latest beautiful designs of renowned national and international brands. To draw the maximum potential customer base these stores feature diamond ornaments based on seasonal and festive themes all around the year. Additionally, these shops also provide lucrative offers and discounts to the customers.

The primary drawbacks for these regionally famous jewelry stores are that many renowned national jewelry stores have opened their jewelry outlets in South Bengal and their jewelry collection is giving a stiff competition to them. These popular diamond jewelry brands invest much in promotions of their collection through celebrity endorsement, as a result of which these PAN India jewelry stores primarily capture the customer’s preference and they don’t look for the regional stores.

Despite such a huge competition in the jewelry business some best diamond jewelry shops in the city have been able to retain its position in the market due to certain factors like reliability, honesty, effective public relations and of course the collection.

In the age of online shopping, the local inhabitants of Durgapur still prefer to purchase their diamond from their trusted jewelry shop in the city. The name of some jewelry stores in Durgapur are not only popular among the city residents but are wooing the inhabitants from the adjoining areas of the city and other parts of the state.

How to sparkle your personality and destiny with jewels of gemstones

Ages down gemstones are a symbol of mysticism as they are believed to hold some healing properties that have different impact on different individuals.

Since ancient times jewelry engraved with precious and semi-precious stones have been the most loved possession of the wearer as these ornaments are believed to bring good luck. Among gemstone jewelry, finger rings are the most popular one.

Precious and semi-precious genuine gemstones are not easily available. They are unearthed by the experts under the challenging situation and thus these gemstones are rare and expensive. Though expert jewelry craftsman and designers are introducing various stunning jewelry engraved with cheap stones but unfortunately they can’t match the elegance and endurance of genuine gemstone jewelry.

A decade back most people could only think of gemstones to be made as a finger ring or either in the form of a simple pendant around the neck. But with the ever-changing shift in fashion trend, jewelry studded with precious and semi-precious gemstones are capturing the heart of the jewelry lovers out there.

Gemstones like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, tourmalines are the most preferred gems for crafting various jewelry pieces like necklaces, earrings, engagement, and wedding rings. Each gemstone has unique properties, colors, cuts and looks ravishingly beautiful when designed into various ornaments. Eminent national and international celebrities across the globe have also been spotted flaunting their gemstone embedded jewelry in various red carpet events.

In many cultural traditions across the globe, diamond jewelry is considered auspicious for occasions like engagement and wedding. Diamond has always been a woman’s best friend and a solitaire diamond ring is the most desirable gift for any women on her special day. Apart from rings, diamond ear studs, nose studs, and diamond pendants are the most popular diamond jewelry of modern women.

Ruby is another gorgeous red gemstone and is one of the most sorted after diamond. Rubies studded necklace or a pair of chandelier earring is a must have for the admirers of gemstone accessories.

Another gemstone which is noticed to capture the attention of fashion analysts and celebrities is the emerald. Emerald is no doubt a very beautiful dark green stone and an emerald necklace is enough to attract the limelight on any occasion.

Among the sapphires, blue sapphire is the most attractive stone. The vibrant blue color of the stone is quite attractive. Generally, finger rings and earrings are made embedded with these gorgeous stones.

But every story has another shade and gemstone jewelry is no exception. Besides being gorgeous and vibrantly colorful these stones hold some astrological significance. Each stone has a different physical and chemical property that cast either a positive or a negative effect depending on the suitability factor of individual people. That is why proper consultation with an astrological expert is needed to avoid unwanted circumstances. Let’s focus on the pros and consequences of few gemstones. Such as:

1) Emerald: As mentioned, earlier emerald is one of the most beautiful and expensive gems.  In astrological science, it is associated with the planet Mercury. This gemstone is recommended to heal physical complications associated with the nervous system, liver, and ENT issues. On a negative note, the bearer may face nervous problems and depression.

2) Diamond: Diamond is worn for prosperity and happiness but if it does not suit the wearer it may bring poverty and deterioration of beauty.

3) Blue sapphire: The positive effect of this stone brings fame, health and wealth in abundance but negatively it can lead to violent accidents, ill health, and depression.

The above-mentioned facts are the reasons that most Indians avoid jewelry gemstones but the mesmerizing appeal of this gemstone jewelry is simply irresistible for the women who want to be the showstopper in every occasion. From renowned jewelry stores to the online jewelry portals, the crazes for gemstone ornaments are notable. This jewelry range is the latest addition to every fashionista’s shopping cart.

Adorn your beautiful arms with the latest design of light weight bangles

light weight bangle

Bangles are the most sorted out jewelry for almost every women. Indian women are particularly fond of different kinds of bangles that grace her beauty.

A woman’s arm will look dull and vacant without a beautiful jewelry piece. Women who hate a vacant arm and pair custom jewelry bracelet and watches can give light weight bangle a positive nod.

Though bangles are the most loved accessory but traditional bangles of gold and other expensive metals were quite heavy and the available designs were also very limited. Generations down these heavy beautiful bangles are considered vintage and hold a special status.

With the advent of fashion graph and changes in people’s choice, these heavy bangles are thumbs down for daily use and on most occasions. Instead, an inclination towards light weight jewelry has been noticed among the ornament lovers and this trend is applicable to the bangles too.

Keeping in mind the ever-evolving fashion scenario the jewelry retailers and manufacturers are showcasing and crafting a wide range of stunning light weight bangles of gold and silver and other precious and semi-precious metals to draw customer’s attention. Fashion designers are applying various technological tools like 3D design software and creativity to craft amazing bangle patterns that perfectly match with the taste and fashion parameters of the modern Indian belle.

The latest inclusion of the light bangles range in the jewelry section is enough to uplift a woman’s mood and curiosity. These light gold bangles are crafted for every occasion and mood. Working women can pair a simple gold or silver bangle to complete her formal look for the day. For, not only these bangles are stunningly fashionable but are also quite easy to carry for its light weight factor. Even housewives can also wear these light bangles for a hassle-free routine work.

Gemstones studded light bangles are the new jewelry fascination among women. Even the celebrities are spotted showcasing these attractive bangles in many red carpet events. These stone studded bangles add a charm to the appearance of the wearer.

In India, a bangle generally signifies the jewelry of a married woman but western fashion influence has transformed this piece of ornament into a stylish accessory which is gaining huge popularity all over the globe. Girls and women wear these light bangles to flaunt different shades of their style statement sometimes being funky and some other times being ethnic. The best part of these light weight bangles is that they give illusions of solid metal but in reality, they are hollow and so is quite pocket-friendly.

Lightweight gold jewelry, a fusion of elegance and contemporary


Light weight contemporary jewelry is in vogue. Jewelry designers and various jewelry stores are focusing on lightweight jewelry collection to cater huge demands. The light weight gold jewelry range is partly influenced by western culture, which blings less flashy and comes in wide range of stunning designs.

Gold is considered as one of the most coveted metal which is popular for its divine yellow color and is associated with purity, luck, and auspiciousness in some cultures around the world. Even a decade ago, traditional heavy gold ornaments were considered as the status symbol. But coordinating with the ever-changing fashion scenario, the trend has also shifted to light weight ornaments. Manufacturers and designers are focusing more on crafting theme based jewelry that works well the fashion conscious people.

Jewelry designers are well aware of the elegance of traditional jewelry designs, and its admiration among the young generations. Thus they cleverly adopted the fusion theme to craft light weight gold jewelry which is quite appealing and affordable. Teenagers and youngsters are in awe of these attractive pieces which is perfect for a daily and regular use. Modern women are no longer fond of heavily embellished jewelry that their ancestors used to wear. Instead, they are interested in stunning and less flashy light weight ornaments.

It’s always not about fashion; comfort level is another important factor. Most of the women, be she is a housewife or a professional prefers to look simple with minimal accessories and ornaments for a perfect look.  One can simply team up light jewelry with ethnic as well as western outfit without a doubt. These light ornaments due to its light weight factor are crafted into amazing designs and patterns by the manufacturers. These ornaments are comfortable and classy and add a hue of glitz and glamour to a woman’s personality.

Gold jewelry is a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. Today’s women will look for jewelry pieces that are stylish and classy rather than the boring and heavy jewelry. Among the lightweight ornaments, light earrings and pendants are the most popular fast moving items in any jewelry store. The best thing about light weight jewelry is that it can be worn on anytime and on any day without making you look like you are going to a wedding.

With such a positive style statement factor, this light gold jewelry holds some drawbacks about it. Light weight gold ornaments are hollow inside and are not purely original.The metal is mixed up with other metals and alloys to reduce its weight.

Whatever is the consequence, but the popularity of light weight gold jewelry is undeniable. This jewelry trend is ruling the fashion world and people are embracing it for a youthful and elegant appearance.

Fall in love with the latest trend of gemstone jewellery in fashion world


Gemstones are no more limited to mysticism and are not only treated as a natural healer. Hand on hands with the ever-changing style trend gemstones have evolved into various stunning fashion jewelry. Recent vogue shows an inclination of customer’s preferences towards these stone jewelry for its sparkling beauty and charismatic appearance.

Stone studded pieces of jewelry are not a new fascination for jewelry lovers. Coloured semi-precious stones jewelleries had been an integral part of fashion in many cultures around the world.

Fashion constantly keeps changing and so is the people’s style statement. Ornaments and accessories are important to define a simple look. Jewellery lovers are always in search of such beautiful pieces that tune with the latest jewelry trend and gemstone jewellery is the latest addition to the customer’s cart.

With the advent of technology, many new precious and semi-precious colored stones are available in the market. Jewellery manufacturers and designers are crafting gorgeous ornaments studded with these stones and these ornaments have become a hot favorite among the buyers.

Jewelleries, designed with different precious and semi-precious stones are available in the market mostly as a range of the beautiful collection of neckpieces, stunning bracelets, and so on. The range of these stone jewelry offers endless choice to the customers. Gemstones had always been a popular choice of women for fine jewelry. And now these gemstones have made debut in stunning wedding jewelry collection as well.

Diamond, the most precious stone is generally used to craft fine wedding jewelleries. But now various colorful gemstones with magical hues and lustrous shine like rubies, sapphire, emerald, topaz, amethysts are used in jewelry manufacturing. These gorgeous accessories add a sparkling twist to the jewelry collection.

Gemstone jewelry are not only ideal for the wedding. Even for formal parties, one can pair up a lightweight neckpiece with a beautiful stone pendant to complete a simple look. Moreover gemstone ear studs, nose studs, and rings can be wear with an office attire.

Twists & Turns:
The recent fashion scenario shows that stone engraved jewellery is worn more as a fashion statement for their natural beauty than just as a symbol of mysticism. Though, many wear such jewelry to achieve both the purpose of looking stylish as well as for astrological healing.

Whatever may be the reasons one must be cautious while buying this jewelry. Because it is widely believed that all the natural occurring precious or semi-precious stones hold some healing properties that work differently for different individuals. So be aware and make the gorgeous gemstone jewelleries a worthy inclusion in your jewelry wardrobe.

Tired of contemporary accessories? Customize your style with hallmark silver jewellery

Silver jewellery is gaining rapid popularity among all due to the dynamic trend in the world of jewellery designing and its ability to replace the traditional heavy gold jewellery because of its high fashion parameter. Though the metal is gorgeous and classy but is relatively cheap than other valuable metal like gold and platinum.

Silver is that metal which is associated with purity and calmness. The metal has a sterling soothing appeal and astrologically it is considered as the metal of the moon. The metal is compared with the moon because of its white colour. The texture of this metal is smooth and shiny.

When it comes to buying jewellery and ornaments it’s a matter of big deal for the customer as they invest a big part of their income. So it’s very crucial to pick the authentic piece of jewellery from an authorized dealer. It’s going to be mandatory in India, from January 2018 for all the jewellery dealers to sell only original hallmark jewellery.

All the fashion conscious folks who are a big fan of sterling silver jewellery should ask for only BIS hallmark silver jewellery as the only hallmark assures the product quality.  This authentic tag elevates the brand value and increases its global acceptance factor. The Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) hallmark by Silver Emporium assures 100% money back on quality check.

Hallmark Silver jewellery plays a vital role in boosting the economy of India as the jewellery market in the country will achieve a strong position in the future. This precious metal is growing more popular because of its effortless beauty. Though the attraction towards silver jewellery has been fetched from western culture as Indians are more into Gold but due to its stunning features and acceptability silver ornament is ruling the jewellery box of modern Indian women.

Indian women are quite fashion conscious especially young students and office goers. They have become fonder of custom accessories than the contemporary gold ornaments as they find this jewellery more fashionable and easy to carry for daily use. A wide range of customized silver jewellery is available in the market that offers unique designs and patterns to choose from. This jewellery is in demand because it doesn’t sparkle much and is apt to be paired up even with office attire. This sterling ornaments are very much wearable in any occasion but has become a hot favourite of all trendsetters.

Hallmark silver jewellery seals the purity of the metal. Awareness is important among all especially in the rural mass as they still are not updated about the changing laws and regulations. No matter how much trusted the jewellery brand, always insists on a valid bill and a BIS certification.

A Diamond is a woman’s best friend and a diamond ring speaks a thousand words

Diamond is one of the most precious and hardest stones available and is quite expensive in general.  Diamond studded rings are quite popular among both men and women specially if they are about to tie their wedding knot. Nowadays Diamond ring has become a popular symbol of being bethroted or engaged.

Why is the diamond the only choice of an engagement ring?
Well, the tradition of this fairy tale began four hundred years ago when Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed his lady love Mary of Burgundy to be his life partner with a diamond engagement ring. It is believed all across the world that the vein of the ring finger is attached to the partner’s heart and hence this custom really makes sense. So next time if any men want to propose his love for an eternal bond gift her a diamond ring as diamonds are women’s best friend.

Evolution of the status of Diamond :
Gone are the days when these rings had a particular status symbol and were limited to a certain mass of the society as it was not affordable for all due to less mining and availability. In fact, the diamond on the rings used to depict more vanity and less love. But nowadays diamonds are easily available with different price range which makes it affordable for all. Though there is various other precious stone available but traditions are stubborn and diamond due to its durability have still maintained its position as the choice for the engagement ring for a durable bond.

Types of Diamond and types of cut:
Diamonds that are available in the market comes in two variety solitaire and cut diamond. In a solitaire ring only a single diamond is studded on the top with base metal like gold and platinum and in cut diamond variety many diamonds are designed together to form a beautiful ring. Diamonds are available in wide range of cuts such as round, rectangular, square and Marquise shape.

Selecting the pure and best diamond:
One must be aware of the 4 Cs like Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat while purchasing the diamond. The customer must check out for a GSI certification.

A diamond wedding ring can cost a bomb but due to the sufficient availability of different kinds of diamond and the discount offered by various jewelry retailers can cut down the cost of the piece.  Diamonds have always played a pivotal role in the wedding culture of different nations including India and hence gifting your soulmate a diamond wedding ring on that special day can make the moment precious to cherish for a lifetime.

Gold and Silver: They do glitter together in the stores of GGJ

What else can be more mesmerizing to the women who love to adore jewelry than a piece of gold ornament? Well, people do love ornaments and women love them more! So, there’s no limit of demand when it comes to jewelry. Gold & silver are the piece of metal that the women & the connoisseurs love to wear. What if they can be found together and that too at a cheaper price? Well, Guinea Gold Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. has started making this impossible ‘possible’ with their exclusive “SONA KINLE RUPO FREE” offer.

On the upcoming occasion of Bhai Dooj, Guinea Gold Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. Strives to focus on their special offer of free silver items with every purchase of gold items of a particular amount. The offer is carried out in their every store including the branch at Aesby More and Benachity, where they offer the hallmarked silver to be taken as the free item. Their new offer “SONA KINLE RUPO FREE” has made a month complete and people are really impressed with the unique & creative designs of the ornaments.

The new venture of GGJ tells a success story that shows their journey from rags to riches. The CEO, Mr. Nirmal Kr. Ghosh had begun from a small room and has ended up in expanding his business to one of the leading jewelry stores of Bengal. Their forte lies in offering the BIS hallmarked jewelry and they boast of being the pioneer of delivering the hallmarked silver items in Bengal. They also provide 100 % pure GSI certified gemstones that are used for astrological purposes.

On the auspicious ceremony of Bhai Dooj, GGJ wants to contribute for both of them. The huge collection of bangles, necklaces, earrings and tops, pendants, rings, and bracelets are for the sweet sisters. If the sister is working, gift her lightweight jewelry that she can wear anywhere she wants. On the other hand, sisters can also gift their brothers the unisex rings, bracelets, chains & pendants that can be worn by both the men & women.

GGJ offers diamond jewelry too from their joint venture with Gitanjali Nakshatra. Find the exclusive diamond necklaces, rings, chains & earrings from the official websites of Guinea Gold Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.

GGJ is dedicated to bringing satisfaction to its clients and therefore, it also offers a gold saving scheme for them, where the client can save money in installment in the scheme, for which the equal value of gold will be stored. This will be continued or 11 months and the scheme matures at the end of the 11th month. It is mandatory to collect the jewelry before the completion of the 12th month. The scheme turms to be mature by GGJ offering the same amount of the installment as the discount on the purchase of the jewelry.

Guinea Gold Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. has a mission of delivering people the right jewelry. All their ornaments fall under the rules of SEBI and therefore, are authorized. Along with the uniquely designed jewelry, GGJ guarantees to offer satisfaction to all their customers.

Dazzling diamond rings commence the wedding ceremony

The diamonds are the precious stones that make an event auspicious. It curves the path of love and eternity for the person who wears and if it’s a wedding ring, it engages the vow & promise and a feeling of attachment that makes it more significant.

Typically, it’s a western culture where the bride and groom use to exchange rings with each other and thus, take a vow to stay together forever. The wedding rings are of many kinds, but the majority of people like to wear diamond rings in their wedding. The culture has now come up to India too, as many people have now started to celebrate engagement ceremonies.

There was a notion that diamond wedding rings are expensive and due to this misconception, many people don’t opt out these rings. But that was a truth a decade ago. Nowadays, diamond rings are available in different price ranges which have made the not-so-affluent people approach them too.

Indian weddings are gorgeous and include a lot of rituals to be maintained. Each state has its own rituals, but all of them are, to some extent, the same. The engagement of the bride and the groom means a lot to them and to their family and the key thing of this ceremony is the ring.

Diamond rings can be of two types. The solitaire diamond ring and the cut diamond rings. The solitaire diamond rings have a solo diamond at the top of the ring and the cut diamond rings have many diamonds that together make a beautiful design. The base metal is generally of gold, silver or platinum so that they can hold the diamonds perfectly.

Before you opt out a perfect diamond ring for your wedding or engagement, you better make a list of factors for which you will look in your rings:–

The Cutting of the Diamond

Diamonds have varieties of cuts which makes the designs awesome. While choosing the ring, it’s better to evaluate the cuts whether it suits the hands or not.

Some solitaire diamond cut styles which are popular in a ring are given below–

Emerald-Cut Solitaire, Round Solitaire, Square Solitaire, Princess Solitaire, Oval Solitaire, Marquise Solitaire and Heart Solitaire.

The Style of The Diamond

In the diamond rings, the diamonds are majorly placed in the centre and that’s why they look bright and sparkly. Diamonds come in different shapes, sizes and even colours. If you’re purchasing diamonds for wedding purpose, do ask your partner which one suits the best on him or her.

Apart from the features mentioned above, clarity is the other factor that truly impacts your ring! Clarity in diamonds can be measured i.e.  FL, IF means the diamond is flawless. VVS1, VVS2 means very, very slight flaw is included. VS1, VS2 means very slight flaw is included. SI1, SI2 means slight flaw is included. I1, I2, I3 means flaw is included.

The Metal

Holding the diamond is the most important thing as it completes the look of the ring! The base metal is typically among gold, silver and platinum as the diamond doesn’t get wasted and there’s no chance of rust to spoil its beauty. Another thing is these metals are precious and goes perfectly with diamonds as they are sparkly too.

The 4C’s

You should be very choosy about the four C’s, i.e. the Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat while selecting a diamond wedding ring because they impact the ring a lot! You should check the certification of the diamond which is an “official stamp of approval” from a third-party gemmology lab which approves the quality of a diamond as it is claimed.


The price of the diamond is the most significant thing that a purchaser should think of. There’s no doubt that a diamond ring is usually expensive, but you can cut the cost if you purchase something that comes under any discount or scheme or offer. Moreover, there are numerous types of diamonds available, especially if it is a cut diamond, i.e. a diamond cut loose from a solo diamond, then it will cost much cheaper than the solitaire.

These are the major factors that should impact your purchase of diamond rings for the wedding ceremony. So, if your wedding bells are ringing or if you are about to celebrate your anniversary with your loved one, you should check out these features. Also, if you want to gift the rings, you can choose the rings on the basis of your partner’s choice.

Indian weddings are fabulous and full of customs. It is believed that in India, marriage is not only the bonding between the bride and the groom, but between the two families who will stay together tied in the knot of love and passion. Thus, the diamond wedding rings tie them beautifully in the knot of love, respect, care and eternal bliss.

This festive season sparkle with Nakshatra’s Samriddhi offer brought to you by GGJ


Diamonds have always been the centre of attraction for the ornament lovers! Most of us love diamonds from far away and wish to adorn it but unfortunately, can’t afford. Diamonds are always something special to many of us and there’s a few who don’t love the dazzle of this precious stone! Not only for ourselves, we want to gift diamond jewellery to our loved ones too. But as they are quite expensive, we can’t afford it always.

Diamonds are the precious stones that represent status, sophistication, glamour, style, fashion and affluence. There was a time when only wealthy people used to adorn diamonds. But the time has changed. Today, diamonds have come within the reach of people of all races.

Guinea Gold Jewellers Pvt. Ltd., the leading jewellery organization has brought to you the Samriddhi Diamond Offer from Nakshatra which has facilitated this issue. In this offer, you will get one diamond item for free of cost with the purchase of any diamond product of a particular amount. The minimum slab of purchase starts from INR 15,001/-, on the purchase of which, you will get a diamond item worth INR 5000/- free of cost and the maximum range of purchase is INR 3,00,001/-, on the purchase of which you will get a diamond product worth INR 2,00,000/- free of cost. The slab goes on like this and the net worth of the gift item is also enhanced on the basis of that, with certain conditions applied.

This offer has started from the commencement of this festive season and mostly is valid till Dhanteras. Thus, this offer is for a limited period and exclusively delivers Mandala collection of Nakshatra, i.e. the jewellery is majorly designed in circles or is of round shape. The collections are available in both the stores of Guinea Gold Jewellers that are located in Benachity and Asby More respectively.

Along with Nakshatra Diamond Jewellery, Guinea Gold Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. has also collaborated with other famous diamond collection brands such as Asmi, Sangini, Gili, Shuddhi, Nirvana and many others.

Guinea Gold Jewellers have become the leading jewellery store in Durgapur within a few months. Their new venture has a wonderful collection of gold, silver and diamond ornaments. They boast of being the pioneer of BIS certified silver products along with the gold ornaments. They also have a good collection of gemstones that are GSI certified.