An insight into the factors that upheld the popularity of diamond jewelry shops in Durgapur

Diamond is one of the most coveted and ever-green gemstones of all time and is considered as a woman’s best friend. With the ever-increasing demand for diamond jewelry, there is always prevails a cold competition among the jewelry brands to feature the latest diamond jewelry in their collection.

Durgapur, being a prospective city of cultural and economic importance is densely populated with inhabitants from neighboring regions and naturally, there is huge cross-cultural influence noticed in the lifestyle and fashion among the local inhabitants.

Though a large part of the population comprises of the Bengalis who are known as the greatest admirer of gold ornaments, the influence of globalization and the cross-cultural effect has imported the trend and preference of diamond jewelry among the inhabitants of Durgapur. Now diamond studded finger rings and pendants are the new love of the new generation.

The renowned jewelry stores in Durgapur are known to showcase the latest model of diamond ornaments keeping in mind the popularity and styling factor of the gem in international fashion and jewelry trend. Some of the best diamond jewelry shops in the city sell authentic diamond ornaments and jewelry crafted in latest beautiful designs of renowned national and international brands. To draw the maximum potential customer base these stores feature diamond ornaments based on seasonal and festive themes all around the year. Additionally, these shops also provide lucrative offers and discounts to the customers.

The primary drawbacks for these regionally famous jewelry stores are that many renowned national jewelry stores have opened their jewelry outlets in South Bengal and their jewelry collection is giving a stiff competition to them. These popular diamond jewelry brands invest much in promotions of their collection through celebrity endorsement, as a result of which these PAN India jewelry stores primarily capture the customer’s preference and they don’t look for the regional stores.

Despite such a huge competition in the jewelry business some best diamond jewelry shops in the city have been able to retain its position in the market due to certain factors like reliability, honesty, effective public relations and of course the collection.

In the age of online shopping, the local inhabitants of Durgapur still prefer to purchase their diamond from their trusted jewelry shop in the city. The name of some jewelry stores in Durgapur are not only popular among the city residents but are wooing the inhabitants from the adjoining areas of the city and other parts of the state.