This festive season sparkle with Nakshatra’s Samriddhi offer brought to you by GGJ


Diamonds have always been the centre of attraction for the ornament lovers! Most of us love diamonds from far away and wish to adorn it but unfortunately, can’t afford. Diamonds are always something special to many of us and there’s a few who don’t love the dazzle of this precious stone! Not only for ourselves, we want to gift diamond jewellery to our loved ones too. But as they are quite expensive, we can’t afford it always.

Diamonds are the precious stones that represent status, sophistication, glamour, style, fashion and affluence. There was a time when only wealthy people used to adorn diamonds. But the time has changed. Today, diamonds have come within the reach of people of all races.

Guinea Gold Jewellers Pvt. Ltd., the leading jewellery organization has brought to you the Samriddhi Diamond Offer from Nakshatra which has facilitated this issue. In this offer, you will get one diamond item for free of cost with the purchase of any diamond product of a particular amount. The minimum slab of purchase starts from INR 15,001/-, on the purchase of which, you will get a diamond item worth INR 5000/- free of cost and the maximum range of purchase is INR 3,00,001/-, on the purchase of which you will get a diamond product worth INR 2,00,000/- free of cost. The slab goes on like this and the net worth of the gift item is also enhanced on the basis of that, with certain conditions applied.

This offer has started from the commencement of this festive season and mostly is valid till Dhanteras. Thus, this offer is for a limited period and exclusively delivers Mandala collection of Nakshatra, i.e. the jewellery is majorly designed in circles or is of round shape. The collections are available in both the stores of Guinea Gold Jewellers that are located in Benachity and Asby More respectively.

Along with Nakshatra Diamond Jewellery, Guinea Gold Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. has also collaborated with other famous diamond collection brands such as Asmi, Sangini, Gili, Shuddhi, Nirvana and many others.

Guinea Gold Jewellers have become the leading jewellery store in Durgapur within a few months. Their new venture has a wonderful collection of gold, silver and diamond ornaments. They boast of being the pioneer of BIS certified silver products along with the gold ornaments. They also have a good collection of gemstones that are GSI certified.

The stall of Guinea Gold Jewellers in Chaturanga Fair Maidan has many surprises for you

The new venture of Guinea Gold Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. has been started on the Mela Maidan of Chaturanga. The big stall showcasing an enormous gold bangle replica at the store front, has a much bigger surprise inside. Once you visit the stall, you will find out numerous exclusively designed gold & diamond jewelleries and hallmark silver sets at the reasonable price and various offers and discounts that will catch your attention! But what will take away your attention is their latest Rathayatra offer, the ‘buy gold, get silver free’ offer, where you will get a piece of silver utensil free of cost along with the gold ornaments. The offer is flexible in regards to the quantity & value of the ornaments purchased.

The “SONA KINLE RUPO FREE”rathajatraimages1offer and anyone can purchase it directly from any one of the branches of Guinea Gold Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. situated in Benachity & Station Road. The stall on Chaturanga Mela Maidan has all the brochures and catalogues of ornaments, from where you can choose anyone of your choice. The board in the background of the Fair stall has a written inscription of the total making charge amount per gram. In case any confusion arises, you can always check out the booklets and clarify your doubts from the customer relationship managers of the fair stall.

Distinguished themselves from another famous jewellery production house, Guinea Gold Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. has started their new venture a couple of months ago. With a new style and a huge collection of uniquely designed ornaments, they boast of some exclusive projects that distinguish them from their close competitors as well as other jewellers of India. They are the pioneers of hallmark silver in the Eastern India zone and they have also brought lightweight and unisex ornaments in a new style and look. Both of the branches have a ‘Gold Saving Scheme’ where you can save gold each month against a particular amount of money and Guinea Gold will provide you a discount equivalent to the amount of installment on the making charge at the last month of the scheme. All the schemes and discounts of Guinea Gold Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. are purely secured as they follow the rules of SEBI.