Fascination & expectation! Engagement rings bound the pre-marriage knot!

Not only the bride and groom, in all communities of India, engagement ceremony brings the two families together and ties them with the thread of faith & respect. Ring eternizes the promise that they take this day!

‘Engagement’. This single word describes a lot of things such as love, trust, respect, commitment. This day is celebrated pre-wedding to celebrate the promise the bride & groom take to stay together forever in their life. But India is the land of customs and traditions and here, marriage means the bonding between the two families. Here, the engagement ceremony stands for the growth of this relationship between the friends, families & relatives of both the bride & groom.

The lustrous ceremony completes with the bride & groom exchanging their rings. The engagement rings are chosen in order to fit the ceremony and of course, on the basis of the personal choice of the bride & groom. The rings can be made of precious stones & metals like gold, platinum & diamond. Rings of the brides are designed and stylish, while rings of the grooms are simple and funky. Today, there are many love bands which depict the love between the ‘would be’ husbands and wives. But why is it important to exchange an engagement ring in all of the communities of India?

Pre-wedding oath
Marriage is taking a vow to spend life with each other, to stay beside each other in every odd and to make the relationship eternal. Exchanging the rings in front of everyone makes this vow a reality. The celebration is done prior marriage to celebrate the bonding of the two souls together.

Family bonding
In India, it is believed that marriages are made in heaven. Two souls are united through this auspicious ceremony, but that’s not all. It is also considered that along with the bride & groom, their families are also united. This ceremony brings both the families together so that they can understand each others’ essence, feels each others’ presence and understands each others’ value. Not only that, on the occasion of engagement, they also come close to each other which makes the marriage more involving.

Know each others’ choice
The engagement rings are generally chosen by the family members of the bride & groom. Sometimes, their suggestions are also taken to make it perfect and to satisfy both the bride & groom. The pre-marriage shopping phase denotes the period where the bride and groom and their families come to know about each others’ choice. It is important as in Indian culture, bride uses to stay at the groom’s family with other members and it is believed that bride is going to be the member of the family.