How to sparkle your personality and destiny with jewels of gemstones

Ages down gemstones are a symbol of mysticism as they are believed to hold some healing properties that have different impact on different individuals.

Since ancient times jewelry engraved with precious and semi-precious stones have been the most loved possession of the wearer as these ornaments are believed to bring good luck. Among gemstone jewelry, finger rings are the most popular one.

Precious and semi-precious genuine gemstones are not easily available. They are unearthed by the experts under the challenging situation and thus these gemstones are rare and expensive. Though expert jewelry craftsman and designers are introducing various stunning jewelry engraved with cheap stones but unfortunately they can’t match the elegance and endurance of genuine gemstone jewelry.

A decade back most people could only think of gemstones to be made as a finger ring or either in the form of a simple pendant around the neck. But with the ever-changing shift in fashion trend, jewelry studded with precious and semi-precious gemstones are capturing the heart of the jewelry lovers out there.

Gemstones like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, tourmalines are the most preferred gems for crafting various jewelry pieces like necklaces, earrings, engagement, and wedding rings. Each gemstone has unique properties, colors, cuts and looks ravishingly beautiful when designed into various ornaments. Eminent national and international celebrities across the globe have also been spotted flaunting their gemstone embedded jewelry in various red carpet events.

In many cultural traditions across the globe, diamond jewelry is considered auspicious for occasions like engagement and wedding. Diamond has always been a woman’s best friend and a solitaire diamond ring is the most desirable gift for any women on her special day. Apart from rings, diamond ear studs, nose studs, and diamond pendants are the most popular diamond jewelry of modern women.

Ruby is another gorgeous red gemstone and is one of the most sorted after diamond. Rubies studded necklace or a pair of chandelier earring is a must have for the admirers of gemstone accessories.

Another gemstone which is noticed to capture the attention of fashion analysts and celebrities is the emerald. Emerald is no doubt a very beautiful dark green stone and an emerald necklace is enough to attract the limelight on any occasion.

Among the sapphires, blue sapphire is the most attractive stone. The vibrant blue color of the stone is quite attractive. Generally, finger rings and earrings are made embedded with these gorgeous stones.

But every story has another shade and gemstone jewelry is no exception. Besides being gorgeous and vibrantly colorful these stones hold some astrological significance. Each stone has a different physical and chemical property that cast either a positive or a negative effect depending on the suitability factor of individual people. That is why proper consultation with an astrological expert is needed to avoid unwanted circumstances. Let’s focus on the pros and consequences of few gemstones. Such as:

1) Emerald: As mentioned, earlier emerald is one of the most beautiful and expensive gems.  In astrological science, it is associated with the planet Mercury. This gemstone is recommended to heal physical complications associated with the nervous system, liver, and ENT issues. On a negative note, the bearer may face nervous problems and depression.

2) Diamond: Diamond is worn for prosperity and happiness but if it does not suit the wearer it may bring poverty and deterioration of beauty.

3) Blue sapphire: The positive effect of this stone brings fame, health and wealth in abundance but negatively it can lead to violent accidents, ill health, and depression.

The above-mentioned facts are the reasons that most Indians avoid jewelry gemstones but the mesmerizing appeal of this gemstone jewelry is simply irresistible for the women who want to be the showstopper in every occasion. From renowned jewelry stores to the online jewelry portals, the crazes for gemstone ornaments are notable. This jewelry range is the latest addition to every fashionista’s shopping cart.

Fall in love with the latest trend of gemstone jewellery in fashion world


Gemstones are no more limited to mysticism and are not only treated as a natural healer. Hand on hands with the ever-changing style trend gemstones have evolved into various stunning fashion jewelry. Recent vogue shows an inclination of customer’s preferences towards these stone jewelry for its sparkling beauty and charismatic appearance.

Stone studded pieces of jewelry are not a new fascination for jewelry lovers. Coloured semi-precious stones jewelleries had been an integral part of fashion in many cultures around the world.

Fashion constantly keeps changing and so is the people’s style statement. Ornaments and accessories are important to define a simple look. Jewellery lovers are always in search of such beautiful pieces that tune with the latest jewelry trend and gemstone jewellery is the latest addition to the customer’s cart.

With the advent of technology, many new precious and semi-precious colored stones are available in the market. Jewellery manufacturers and designers are crafting gorgeous ornaments studded with these stones and these ornaments have become a hot favorite among the buyers.

Jewelleries, designed with different precious and semi-precious stones are available in the market mostly as a range of the beautiful collection of neckpieces, stunning bracelets, and so on. The range of these stone jewelry offers endless choice to the customers. Gemstones had always been a popular choice of women for fine jewelry. And now these gemstones have made debut in stunning wedding jewelry collection as well.

Diamond, the most precious stone is generally used to craft fine wedding jewelleries. But now various colorful gemstones with magical hues and lustrous shine like rubies, sapphire, emerald, topaz, amethysts are used in jewelry manufacturing. These gorgeous accessories add a sparkling twist to the jewelry collection.

Gemstone jewelry are not only ideal for the wedding. Even for formal parties, one can pair up a lightweight neckpiece with a beautiful stone pendant to complete a simple look. Moreover gemstone ear studs, nose studs, and rings can be wear with an office attire.

Twists & Turns:
The recent fashion scenario shows that stone engraved jewellery is worn more as a fashion statement for their natural beauty than just as a symbol of mysticism. Though, many wear such jewelry to achieve both the purpose of looking stylish as well as for astrological healing.

Whatever may be the reasons one must be cautious while buying this jewelry. Because it is widely believed that all the natural occurring precious or semi-precious stones hold some healing properties that work differently for different individuals. So be aware and make the gorgeous gemstone jewelleries a worthy inclusion in your jewelry wardrobe.