Dazzling Jhumkas: A piece of jewelry that compliments the beauty of the Indian women


We all have heard of the song “Jhumka gira re bareli ke bazaar mein”, that clearly indicates how heavy these pieces of ornaments were to be carried out, especially in a crowded place like markets, increasing the risk of loosing them frequently. But fortunately, gone are the days when our mothers or grandmothers had to face tremendous problems carrying these heavy jewelries throughout a day or two during any occasion. Nowadays, jhumkas are also lightweight and can be worn in regular parties without facing any major trouble!
Jhumkas are called so for their special shape resembling an upside down bowl that hangs from a sling to help it to dangle. The sling is connected to an ear-stud that clips with the ear directly. There is a big wrong notion that jhumkas can be worn only with saree and can be associated with traditional outfits. But the New-Gen jhumkas are ‘old wine in a new bottle’ and is suitable with any outfit for any women belonging to any age group.
Just like the jhumkas, Guinea Gold Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. has also emerged in a new avatar, showcasing their exclusive ornaments! They boast of presenting the lightweight jhumkas for the first time in Bengal that the ladies will adore! Mostly made in 22kt pure gold, their jhumka collection includes single, two & three tier jhumkas, wind chime jhumkas, Kashmiri long chain jhumkas & Minakari jhumkas. They are planning to include chandbali jhumkas, hoop jhumkas, and ear-cuff jhumkas in the upcoming future.
Let’s take a look at the jhumkas Guinea Gold Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. brings to you–
Single-Tier Jhumkas: Made in 22kt pure gold and decorated with minakari work, these jhumkas are simply beauty at its best! They are easy to wear, lightweight and portable in almost every occasion and can be used by women of all age groups. They can also be worn in office parties and get-togethers.
Two-Tier And Three-Tier Jhumkas: Both of them have gold bowls ascending from bigger to smaller from top to bottom. This special shape helps to carry these earrings out without any problem.
Wind Chime Jhumkas: Designed like wind chimes, these jhumkas are resplendent, lustrous and pleasure to wear. They have impressive gold chains hanging from the last tier resembling the shape of wind chimes that augment your beauty. They can be easily worn with traditional dresses like sarees & salwar kameez.

GGJ’s jhumka collection is available in all of their showrooms. Kindly visit the store to know more.