Lightweight gold jewelry, a fusion of elegance and contemporary


Light weight contemporary jewelry is in vogue. Jewelry designers and various jewelry stores are focusing on lightweight jewelry collection to cater huge demands. The light weight gold jewelry range is partly influenced by western culture, which blings less flashy and comes in wide range of stunning designs.

Gold is considered as one of the most coveted metal which is popular for its divine yellow color and is associated with purity, luck, and auspiciousness in some cultures around the world. Even a decade ago, traditional heavy gold ornaments were considered as the status symbol. But coordinating with the ever-changing fashion scenario, the trend has also shifted to light weight ornaments. Manufacturers and designers are focusing more on crafting theme based jewelry that works well the fashion conscious people.

Jewelry designers are well aware of the elegance of traditional jewelry designs, and its admiration among the young generations. Thus they cleverly adopted the fusion theme to craft light weight gold jewelry which is quite appealing and affordable. Teenagers and youngsters are in awe of these attractive pieces which is perfect for a daily and regular use. Modern women are no longer fond of heavily embellished jewelry that their ancestors used to wear. Instead, they are interested in stunning and less flashy light weight ornaments.

It’s always not about fashion; comfort level is another important factor. Most of the women, be she is a housewife or a professional prefers to look simple with minimal accessories and ornaments for a perfect look.  One can simply team up light jewelry with ethnic as well as western outfit without a doubt. These light ornaments due to its light weight factor are crafted into amazing designs and patterns by the manufacturers. These ornaments are comfortable and classy and add a hue of glitz and glamour to a woman’s personality.

Gold jewelry is a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. Today’s women will look for jewelry pieces that are stylish and classy rather than the boring and heavy jewelry. Among the lightweight ornaments, light earrings and pendants are the most popular fast moving items in any jewelry store. The best thing about light weight jewelry is that it can be worn on anytime and on any day without making you look like you are going to a wedding.

With such a positive style statement factor, this light gold jewelry holds some drawbacks about it. Light weight gold ornaments are hollow inside and are not purely original.The metal is mixed up with other metals and alloys to reduce its weight.

Whatever is the consequence, but the popularity of light weight gold jewelry is undeniable. This jewelry trend is ruling the fashion world and people are embracing it for a youthful and elegant appearance.